Natasha Jeshani - Interview with "The Things She Does" - Podcast

Natasha Jeshani defines her life with 3 main spheres:  mom of 2, wife, daughter, friend, Owner and Founder of TAFA Consulting and Author of The HR Insider.

She is passionate about being a good mom, and professionally her motto is 'Doing Good Work with Good People'. Natasha used her years of work in HR and Recruitment to start her own consulting firm. Along with several staff members and consultants, she serves a variety of clients with everything from recruiting to developing policies.

Over the years she kept getting the same questions over and over so she started keeping notes and writing them down. Eventually she realized she had all the makings of a good book and published The HR Insider earlier this year.

One of the things Natasha does NOT do is everything alone. Both at home (with her husband) and at work, it is a team effort to get everything done. 

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