The Power of the Handwritten Thank You

After a very long week and weekend, I walked into work this morning and had an envelope waiting for me. It was small and didn’t look like it would fit the usual HR paperwork.

I opened it up to find a beautiful thank you card written by a BCIT student that I briefly met with to answer some questions that she had for a project she was working on. Her questions resulted from her interest in joining the world of HR, and as someone who loves what they do, I was all too happy to oblige.

Not to brush my shoulders off too much but I know I’m pretty great at the “thank you” email. Whether it’s to thank someone for helping me out or sending me information or just thanking someone for taking the time to do something above and beyond – I’ve got my thank you emails down… but the impact of the hand written thank you card that I received today clearly supersedes any email that I have ever sent.

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