Hot Topic: Correcting Bad Career Advice

I recently read an article proclaiming that the appropriate follow up after (any) interview is to call the hiring manager for an update but to just keep it brief. The writer (of course) wasn’t actually a recruiter or a hiring manager at all.

As someone that could be recruiting for literally dozens of roles simultaneously, I have several candidates in my pipeline at any given time. They are at various stages in the recruitment process and since many companies don’t have extensive ATS systems in place, a lot of the upkeep is manual.

One of the stages in my recruitment process is always feedback. Although I won’t reply to every application (that’s what my disclaimers are for) or phone screen, if I engage you in a recruit and have taken you to the interview stage– I will make a point of providing you with a kind yes or no.

That being said, if I don't get around to it, I really don’t want (as this coach recommended) every candidate giving me a call to ask me about the status of their application, giving me another pitch and telling me why I’m a terrible recruiter for not having chosen them (not the job coach’s advice verbatim, but really close).

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